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Are Electric Massagers Effective?

Whether you’re on the look for a back or a neck & shoulder massager, one thing is sure – you need to find a good unit to satisfy your needs. Electric massagers represent a popular option as technology keeps advancing and brings us more options in terms of comfort.

How useful are electric massagers, though? Should you settle for one of them, or look towards traditional massagers instead? Read on to find out if an electric massager can be effective for you.

Traditional vs Electric Massage – Which Is Better?

Are Electric Massagers EffectiveAlthough in the distant past this would’ve only been a dream, electric massagers are a thing and are available for everyone to buy. However, it is widely debated whether electric massagers can replace the effects of the traditional massage done by a professional.

Well, even though you can easily buy your own massager and get a massage at any time of the day, it will never be the same as getting a massage from a skilled therapist. The thing with electric massagers is that they will not incorporate the same techniques, since they are machines and not humans who know what they’re doing.

Therapists know exactly how to perform massage for each individual, as each body is different. For example, some people have more tense muscles, while others may experience pain and sensitivity in certain areas.

Therefore, a therapist will know how and where to massage in order to bring you the desired results. Conversely, an electric massager will massage the entire area without knowing which particular muscles should be massaged to lead to your relaxation and tension release.

Technology may have evolved, but it’s hard to put it above a living person in situations like this. This doesn’t mean that electric massagers are not effective, though – they can do a good job, they are just not as special as a real therapist.

Electric Massager Benefits

Electric massagers are extremely useful and can help you relax after a long, hard day at work when all you want to do is throw yourself into bed and forget about the world.

If you want to buy an electric massager yet don’t know if it will work for you, here are some of the benefits you can get:

1. They Can Be Used by Anyone

The cool thing with electric massagers is that they can be purchased and used by pretty much anyone. You only need to bring them into your house and start using them. They are pretty easy to use, requiring no special or expert knowledge. All you have to do is go to a local shop or look for them online, and you will find a suitable massager.

2. Quick Option

You don’t have to schedule any meeting with a therapist. You can just come back from work, plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy the massage you’re so eager to get. It’s much quicker and easier compared to booking an appointment at a massage parlor.

3. Cheaper Alternative

Compared to constantly going to a massage parlor, an electric massager saves you more money in the long run. Of course, in the beginning, you will have to pay more to purchase one, but it is still less than you’d spend on going to a therapist regularly.

4. Flexibility

A therapist can’t come with you everywhere, but an electric massager can, especially if you’re going for a portable one. If you’re constantly on the road or on a plane going to foreign lands, investing in an electric massager will bring you the comfort and joy you are looking for.

5. You Can Perform the Massage Yourself

Who said that you cannot be the one applying your own massage? With an electric massager, you can, especially with a handheld one. Many models have ergonomic designs that allow you to massage yourself without causing any discomfort. Isn’t that great? You can say goodbye to asking someone else to massage your back or shoulders.

6. They’re Consistent

With an electric massager, you have the confidence that results are always consistent, and you will always get the same results. At the same time, if you go to multiple massage parlors in your city, you will definitely obtain different results from each one of them. Electric massagers are consistent, and you can rest assured comfort and convenience will be maintained at all times.

What Are the Drawbacks?

What Are the DrawbacksLike every other product out there, electric massagers also come with some disadvantages. Here’s what you should know about the drawbacks:

1. May Be Misused

If you don’t check out the instructions or if you’ve never used an electric massager before, you can easily misuse it. For instance, you may end up using it on a sensitive area, something that can cause a side effect.

2. Not as Good as a Masseuse

As mentioned earlier, you will not get the same effect you would get from a therapist. Therapists are experts when it comes to massage, which is why their hands are much more “effective” than electric massagers.

3. Machines Can Malfunction

They are electric devices, after all, so experiencing a malfunction is a possible scenario. You need to be prepared for this. However, this is something you would not experience with a masseuse. Electric massagers may require replacements and reparations when they stop working.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a back or a shoulder massager? An electric massager can be very effective in that case. It might not be as good as an actual therapist, but it’s still a quick alternative that will prove very beneficial when you don’t have the time and budget for a massage parlor.

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