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How Much Electricity Does a Massage Chair Use?

No matter what type of massage chair you’re looking to buy, you might be thinking about how much electricity it consumes. After all, even if this unit will improve your lifestyle and wellbeing, saving electricity is always an important consideration.

You’ve come to the right place because we’ll address this matter in the following paragraphs.

Picking the Right Type of Massage Chair

How Much Electricity Does a Massage Chair UseFirst things first, you should think about the kind of massage chair you are going to buy. There are multiple types available on the market, and the number of features may influence how much energy they need to operate properly.

Some chairs are able to give you all the features in one, which is great if you want to experience a massage chair to the fullest extent. If you don’t want to deal with so many buttons, then you can opt for one with fewer functions, but then you won’t get all the benefits. It will still offer you a proper massage, though.

Meanwhile, there are also chairs with shiatsu massage, and others may use shapes that rotate and dig into your upper back and under the shoulder blades. The latter category is amazing for relieving tension and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. You can also find portable massage chairs. They are amazing if you need to transport them from a location to another very easily.

Given the number of massage chairs available out there, you must pick one depending on your needs and your budget, of course.

Still, keep in mind that different types of chairs may consume different amounts of energy, depending on how much power they generate and how many features they have.

Massage Chairs – Will They Increase Your Electricity Bill?

One of the main worries of owning a massage chair is that it will consume too much energy and increase your bills. Well, you might be surprised to find out that this is not the case.

Although massage chairs are pretty bulky, they don’t consume as much energy as you think they do. If you have a microwave and use it frequently, you should know that it uses more energy than a massage chair does. To give you a comparison, if you like to prepare microwave popcorn quite often, it will be just the same as spending 30 minutes on your new massage chair. Therefore, no need to worry, as the chair won’t consume more than all the appliances in your house combined.

When it comes to the most advanced massage chairs, the maximum power output can only be around 200 watts, which is not more than the appliances in your house. Actually, it’s less. Your stove and refrigerator may consume more than the chair.

A Simple Comparison

On average, the electricity consumption of a massage chair will be similar to that of a computer. So, if you’re already a dedicated gamer, for example, you won’t even sense those extra watts that a massage chair consumes.

Of course, there are many massage chairs that require less than 200 watts. Some even necessitate less than 100 watts to be able to run. So, check the specs carefully and choose a unit that consumes as little as possible if this is what you’re looking for.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the chair using electricity even when it’s plugged in but it’s not in use. When you turn it off and don’t use it for a while, it enters a status which is known as standby power.

Will a Cheaper Chair Consume Less Energy?

Will a Cheaper Chair Consume Less EnergyPerhaps you’re thinking that if you’re getting a cheaper chair, you will considerably reduce the amount of energy consumed. In some instances, it may be true, at least if you’re lucky enough to find a cheap but quality massage chair.

Still, before you buy your new chair, you should ask the retailer more about the particular model you’re interested in. You may be very tempted to go for the cheapest one, but it might not offer you all the features you need.

However, if you go for a high-end massage chair, apart from the massage features, it will include an energy-saving feature that you will not find with cheaper models. So, it’s always worth it to pay more when purchasing the unit than having to deal with higher costs along the way.

If you are getting a high-end massage chair, you will benefit from a product that will automatically shut-off when it’s not used anymore. Also, some chairs come with duration timers that allow you to set a limit for every session, thus making sure no additional energy will be consumed.

Special Sensors

What’s also great is that some chairs come with special sensors that adjust the chair depending on the size of the user. This is another thing to take into account if you want to save some money, even if it ends up increasing the initial cost of the unit.

If you live in a house with other people, each person will have a different body size. If someone is too short and doesn’t reach the footrest, it doesn’t make any sense if the foot massage is operating. It would only consume energy without actually doing anything beneficial to the user. The sensors will adjust to the size of the person using the unit, thus making sure the massage is efficient for the occupant and energy is not wasted.

Final Thoughts

Energy consumption shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to massage chairs. Even though they require some electricity, it’s still less than the amount needed to run your microwave, for example.

Moreover, if you want, you can opt for a massage chair that also comes with energy-saving features and incorporated sensors to adjust the position of the occupant. Bear in mind that the former may be found in pricier chairs rather than cheap ones, though.

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