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Master Massage Stationary Massage Table Review

Master Massage 30” Laguna Stationary Massage Table B00AQ4G464Sometimes, a good portable massage table just won’t cut it. You need the assistance of a stationary one if you’re looking for a model that is durable and that can truly be used for many years to come. If you’re wondering whether this Master Massage unit is worthy of your consideration, just read on.

Our Master Massage Stationary Massage Table Review is focused on revealing the characteristics of the product, but we’ll also go through some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Features and Benefits

If you have been searching for a really rugged massage table and it doesn’t matter to you whether it is lightweight or not, then this one might be a good option. It’s convenient, made with high-quality materials, and it can meet and even exceed your expectations.

The table has a size of 30 inches in width, 88 inches in length, and an adjustable height within the 25 inch to 35-inch limits. It weighs in at 75 pounds, which automatically sets it aside from the many others that we have come across. This is a massage table that is built to last, so you will definitely get your money’s worth if you invest in it.

The legs of the product are made from northern birch hardwood and so is the frame. There is a hi-gloss dura seal protected finish, as well as a heavy-duty open storage shelf that you can utilize for storing your accessories, linens, or towels.

The Laguna stationary massage table comes with a 2,500 static weight capacity and a 1,000 working weight capacity, which means that you can utilize it even for bigger and heavier patients. Keep in mind that with models that have a lower weight capacity, you have to consider the pressure that you are applying when performing the massage – not just the bodyweight of the client.

The upholstery boasted by this choice is waterproof and oil-proof, as well as abrasion-resistant. The face cradle is ergonomic and it even boasts memory foam, so the patient is going to feel very comfortable.


As the instruction manual will tell you, adjusting the height of the table can be done very easily thanks to the knobs that it comes with. These automatically eliminate the usual effort needed to raise and lower your table, so you don’t have to go through that huge amount of trouble. You can work faster and save your energy for the actual massage.


Cleaning the massage table is made easy thanks to its upholstery. The PU leather allows you to utilize a variety of cleaning products, most importantly sanitizing wipes and sprays. You can also wipe it clean with a damp cloth, although it might be a good idea to use a bit of alcohol, too.


Size: 88 x 30 x 25 inches

Weight: 75 pounds

Working weight capacity: 1,000 pounds

Static weight capacity: 2,500 pounds

What to expect from the Master Massage Stationary Massage Table?

Master Massage Stationary Massage Table ReviewWe couldn’t find any significant complaints regarding the quality of this unit, which is why it seems to be a reasonable option to bear in mind. However, there were several customers who have noted that they are dissatisfied with the face cradle as it could have been better.

To counteract this drawback, some people use a fleece cushion so as to make it a little more cushiony and adapt to the customer’s physical attributes.


  • Very sturdy construction ensures extended durability
  • Supports a lot of weight since its working weight capacity is estimated at 1,000 pounds
  • It’s so dependable that some people still choose to haul it from one client’s home to another
  • Strong warranty policy


  • Quite heavy compared to other units out there
  • The face cradle isn’t as comfortable as advertised

Wrap Up

Hopefully, our Master Massage Stationary Massage Table Review has assisted in telling you whether it pays off to invest in this model. Since it is rugged, safe, stable, and a lot more durable than many of its competitors, we say that it might be worth considering. But in the end, you should choose the model that best speaks to your own specific needs.

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